Green Shoots Support offers charities and small businesses a comprehensive translation and interpreting service. Whether running an international development project, with people in the UK for whom English is not their first language or if you are a business just wanting to sell abroad we are here to help.

Translation services can be expensive, and getting a good quality translation doubly so. Some translation companies cut costs by hiring students or using Google or other machine translation tools and then smoothing out the edges. This is something we will never do. We keep our costs low by reducing our own overheads and by virtue of being a social enterprise by taking the focus off our own profit margins and placing them squarely on how we can help you.

All our translators are fully qualified to degree level and will only translate into their native language (this is also important if you want to avoid embarrassing errors or inadvertently be offensive). Contact us today for more information on how our translation service can help you.

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