Fundraising Strategy

Developing a good fundraising strategy to boost your charity’s income is vital for your long term success and sustainability. Often charities think ‘we just need to get this grant and everything will be OK’ but all too often the whole organisation can become so dependent on grant income that you spend most of your efforts chasing one grant to the next. This is dangerous because even with the best in-house bid writing team success if never guaranteed. And you neglect your volunteers and supporters, the very people who will carry your organisation forward in good times and bad. Fail to tap into that potential at your peril! What about securing patrons and additional trustees? Exploring on-line fundraising? Your charity, like any business, needs to plan for the future in order to grow.

Why are you fundraising?

Green Shoots Support can help you break down your ambitions into manageable stepwise goals. We help you to work out where your organisation wants to be in the short, medium and long term and work out with you how to manage that process. What are your objectives? How much money would it take to achieve that? And how much do you need just to survive? Each organisation will have different goals. Some will by necessity need to grow quickly while others will always have a more local base. As such we will never impose a strategy on you that does not fit your ambitions but we will work hard to ensure that your organisation becomes sustainable.

Strategy Review

We can help you review your past fundraising strategy to assess its strengths and weaknesses. Where have you excelled and where have you been going wrong? Often it is only minor tweaks in a mission statement or case statement, or in ensuring you are approaching the right grant awarding body for your project is the difference between success and failure. We can help suggest ways your organisation can become less grant-led and develop a healthy fundraising mix including major individual and corporate donors, regular giving, legacy giving, fundraising events, and explore alternative trusts and foundations.

Funding search

In order for you to grow you need to know what type of funds are available, and what you need to do to get them. You need to prioritise based on your own attitude to risk and how quickly you want to grow. We can help you through this process with our grant searching service and once we have a completed donor map for your different activities we can work out, with you, which types of funds will bear the best Return on Investment, which  are most suited to the type of work you do and what resources you will require.

Campaign Development

Planning a fundraising campaign? Green Shoots can help you in honing your mission statement and case for support, help work out what specific objectives you want the funds to cover and who best to communicate these to a wide variety of audiences. We can help write your organisations history and emphasise its credibility and showcase the good that you have done in the past. We can help integrate volunteer support, crowd-sourcing platforms and media and publicity campaigns to ensure your campaign for support has maximum impact. We specialise in mobilising small enterprises and can work to find local businesses such as designers to work either for free or at a discount for your charity campaign.

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