Support for Businesses

We offer a range of support services to start-up companies and SME’s designed to help them to grow and become sustainable and more socially responsible.

Start-Up Support

From finding small grants for start-ups to research and development grants, capital funding, market research and focus group activities and business planning services. Many of the research activities we engage in, as part of our regular business activity, transfer well into the private sector. We can, for example, measure the size of potential markets, social and environmental impact of policy…contact us for more information.


We have extensive research experience and can put these skills to use helping you and your business grow. Whether you need support entering a new market or delivering a new product, want to understand your customers better or develop proposals for grant funding applications Green Shoots can help.

The UK government and the devolved governments in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland represent perhaps the largest potential customer for any business operating in the UK. Similarly foreign governments and intra-national organisations like the EU also tender for services and many organisations and busniesses in the UK have the capacity to fulfil these tenders but lack the support in applying.

At Green Shoots we believe that these are revenue sources that you ignore at your peril. Our experienced tender writers can take the your tender from conception to contract regardless of the size.

Award Writing

Many organisations in the private, sector  enter award competitions to achieve the recognition and publicity. These can often be time consuming to write and maintaining a database of awards, eligibility criteria, and the rolling deadlines can be time consuming if not part of the core business activity. Green Shoots Support can undertake these applications on our clients’ behalf at very low cost compared to the exposure and publicity (and thus extra business) a successful application can bring.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

For private sector companies looking to improve their social impact or promote their CSR activities we support the company to find new activities for them to engage in, ways of reducing their carbon footprint or other socially responsible business practices or suggest partner organisations and charities for them to donate money, time or their expertise and achieve the greatest impact and social return on their investment.

Matching Service

Our matching service supports local charities and SMEs across the UK to create lasting and mutually profitable relationships. Proving a ‘sponsored charity’ for a business allows each entrepreneur to share their experience and expertise. Opportunities for mutually beneficial publicity, employee volunteering or fundraising activities which which increases awareness of both the business and charity while also promoting greater employee satisfaction, productivity and raising awareness of the company and its ideals.

Social Media Content Generation

Does your organisation struggle to keep up with the burgeoning number of social media sites? Do you struggle to create content that is both interesting and engaging? If so, we can help. We will work with you to set clear parameters about what kind of information you want to share, where it should come from (news reports/ relevant blog posts) and  you can also forward to us updates on your organisations activities and we will convert that information for sharing on the appropriate social media platform. We monitor your presence on social media to instantly flag up problems and complaints for you to address in the appropriate way. Much cheaper than hiring someone to do so!

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