Social Media Content Generation

Sometimes new businesses can struggle to manage their online presence. It is tough to manage different accounts, across multiple platforms  each with a diverse audience. Green shoots can help with our social media content generation service.

Each day we will find the most relevant content for you to post, tweet or retweet to ensure that your number of followers, likes and ultimately customers grows.

We will work with you to understand your company, its mission and its identity and help you to get the best out of social media. Too many company’s and business leaders see it purely as a way to drive sales (for which it can be useful for) and bombard it with adverts. This is the equivalent to standing in the street shouting ‘buy this’ and is at best an annoyance and at worst can hurt your brand image and lose your customers. We can help you generate interesting, relevant content to increase engagement with the company and the brand.

What is not readily appreciated in the business world is that social media engagement can go beyond an ‘alternative web site’ but is instead shaping up to be this generation’s equivalent to the telephone. Now customers will give you feedback via Twitter or Facebook before they email or telephone. Managing that point-of-contact can be time consuming so instead of hiring someone in-house why not consider outsourcing it to us. We will contact you for a response to any urgent or pressing queries, give you daily or weekly roundups of your social media activity and infographics summarising the engagement with your company.

We also offer innovative social media training courses help you to understand the user and what they need and want and how you can best provide this and we can train and mentor an individual in-house if you chose to invest in a permanent member of staff.

Social media engagement and our social media content generation service  might not increase sales right away but for a relatively small investment  it will help to develop a loyal customer base, create a positive public image and drive traffic to your website all of which will pay dividends in the long run.

To discuss the level of  involvement you want Green Shoots Support to have in the management and generation of content across your social media platforms and get a quote for our services contact us now.

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