Monitoring and Evaluation Service

Assessing the social impact of your charitable work is important both for you, your supporters and for your funders. Employing Green Shoots monitoring and evaluation service allows you to improve delivery of your service and ensure you are achieving your stated outcomes. We can give you insight into your strengths and what you are doing well for future bid writing inform your future project planning. Regular monitoring of your project scan also quickly identify and remedy any flaws in the deliver of your service.

What does monitoring an evaluation mean?

Monitoring is the routine data capture throughout the life of your project or work and its measure against a pre-specified plan and aims and objectives. The information collected might include how well beneficiaries are benefiting from your work, help identify extraneous factors which might be impacting on delivery and ensure you are meeting targets as set out in your project plan.,

Evaluation occurs usually at the end of the project, or at key intervals in the project’s lifetime and the purpose of this exercise is to ensure that the data collected during routine monitoring is successfully capturing the information you need to show you have achieved your aims, objectives and project’s impact.  Usually additional data capture is required, or analysis of available literature to understand why something hasn’t worked as well as had hoped and how it can be remedied in future.

Both processes are vital to showing you are spending your donors money responsibly and learning from your experiences positive and negative. Monitoring and Evaluation services don’t need to be conducted by independent specialists but can be done in-house, but some funders prefer independent evaluations to be conducted, not all organisations have the experience in-house or if they do can spare the resources to allow that person to take time from their other duties; monitoring and evaluation can be extremely time consuming.

Our experience in Monitoring and Evaluation

Green Shoots Support consultants working in our charities evaluation service have all personally worked in the Third Sector and understand how you work, and  the process of research, evaluation and reporting. Our robust evaluation service is fully independent and so is valued by funders as a means of judging cost effectiveness and that you have achieved the stated outcomes in your project plan or grant application.  We can measure the Social Return On Investment (SROI) or distance travelled for your beneficiaries using the Outcomes Star .

Green Shoots monitoring and evaluation service is designed with charities in mind but is equally suitable for social enterprises who wish to  monitor their social impact, or even for-profit organisations may want to employ our charities evaluation service to monitor the effectiveness of their CSR activities.

We create a fully comprehensive report for consumption by trustees and funders but also statistical ‘snap shots’, quotes and case studies for PR purposes such as Press Releases and Social Media Output at no extra cost to you.

For  more information or to receive a quotation for monitoring and evaluation services contact us today.

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