Grant Search Service

We offer an affordable grant search service for charities, social enterprises and community interest companies. Unlike similar ‘search and scope’ services provided free of charge (one excellent tool to get an idea of what is available can be found here ) we don’t just provide you with a large list of potential funding bodies: we work in partnership with you, get to know your organisation and its plans for the future, and help build capacity within your organisation to help you grow.

What is involved in a Grant Search Service?

We will search through a database of over 4,000  Trusts, government and non-government grant awarding bodies to match the ones which best fit your criteria. However,  our search and scope service also uniquely includes local, national and international (depending on where you work and the work you do) tenders. These change almost daily and to our knowledge free grant search service includes them in their returns.

We take the time and effort to research each grant provider carefully to ensure that your organisation, or projects, matches the requirements for funding as well as advising on which is the best fit for yourself, when the deadlines are and how much work each application is likely to be. We have extensive experience of applying to a most UK funding bodies, for a diverse range of charities and social enterprises, so we can provide good insight into what each funding body is looking for and how best to plan your income generation and funding strategy: Ensuring your organisation doesn’t become too grant dependant and is instead well on the path to financial sustainability and growth

Grant Map

Once we have completed the Grant Search Service for your charity or social enterprise we will then create a bespoke grant map for you to return to which outlines not only all the funders which are actually relevant to your project but also includes information about the funder’s ethos, ongoing deadlines, contact information allowing you to quickly access information about potential grant awarding bodies or trusts.

Bid Writing Support

Once our Grant Search Service has identified key funders large and small to support your project Green Shoots Support can then work up the applications for you using our experienced grant bid writing consultants or you can do so yourself with no pressure or sales tactics. If you do chose to write your own bid don’t forget that we offer a bid review service where we can proofread and provide notes for improvement prior to submission. Whichever route you go down Green Shoots Support will work in partnership with yourself to ensure that each grant application is easier and more pain-free than the last. We can provide training and support services to develop your own bid writing staff or build capacity in your volunteers, help to write a library of responses to make future grant application drafts quicker to write and continue to advise you on the best strategy to growth for the future.

Our grant search service is not only limited to charitable organisations and social enterprises. Many SMEs and start-ups can benefit from our professional and affordable service in helping to navigate the millions of pounds worth of funds given away each year to encourage enterprise and growth in the private sector. Similarly our tender search service can also help your business find valuable new customers and this is included for free in our grant search service.

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