Our Social Aims

Green Shoots Support is a social enterprise and while we are happy to work with any organisation to help them grow we have certain issues which are important to us and our team. These are not exhaustive and nor are they permanent but they represent the issues that we want to work to address right now.

  • Make the Third Sector more competitive : As of June 2013 1.2% of the charities in the UK earned 68.9% of the total income, almost 42 billion pounds, whereas the lowest 70% took a share of only 3%.  We want to address this and so we will every year work with at least three small charities for free and we have heavily discounted our rates to make us affordable to the charities with the least free reserves of capital.

  • Encourage enterprise: We know ourselves how hard it is to start a business, and also how rewarding it is. Where we are based in Llanelli, South Wales good jobs are few and far between and we believe that encouraging enterprise and SMEs to grow creates jobs, stops the ‘brain drain’ to the big cities and encourages the development of viable communities.

  • Encourage Social Enterprise and CSR : We want to see a world where every company is a social enterprise, where a large amount of profits are invested back into our communities. This won’t solve all the world’s problems but it is a good start.

  • Improve mental health services: Sadly mental health issues are still not given the same funding and level of support as services to tackle physical illnesses. People living with mental illnesses still suffer from antiquated stigma which makes it difficult to get a job or maintain healthy interpersonal relationships. So we would particularly welcome any charities which work in this field and will look for ways to help improve the mental health in the communities in which we work as part of our own commitment to CSR.

  • Improve services for the homeless : Some of our staff members have been unfortunate enough to have found themselves homeless at one point in their lives. So naturally this is an issue close to our own heart. Tackling homelessness is a considerable undertaking and requires multi-agency and multi-disciplinary teams to work together and so we are committed to helping those who work with the homeless achieve sustainable and get the help they need to help some of the most vulnerable people in our society.

  • Health and Social Care: we want to work with the best providers in the private and third sector who provide high quality health and care services. Whether this means running the best care homes for our elderly relatives or who are working to tackle the diseases which threaten our lives and well-being.

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